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Better Business Growth through Networking and Trade Missions (C) 
​Established in 2009 - we are also recognized and known as:
Our Services
Networking Events; Trade Missions, Academic Missions, Entrepeneurial Tourism, Notary Services, Strategic Alliances
  1. Networking Events
    Since 2009 the Honduran American Chamber of Commerce in Miami, Florida has made networking events a productive tool for our members and partners.
    Also known as Honduran Chamber of Commerce, Honduran-USA Chamber of Commerce, Honduran Chamber of Commerce-USA; this chamber is always moving forward to provide excellent connectivity with the Florida market, and the visiting business persons, as well as local business partners.
  2. Trade Missions
    The trade missions are an integral part of the Honduran American Chamber of Commerce.
    We have successfully made up until January 2017, 24 successful incoming trade missions, with different countries, these include: - Honduras -Colombia -Nicaragua -Spain -Mexico All of this is made possible through our strategic alliance partners.
  3. Enterpeneurial Tourism
    Entrepeneurial Tourism is a great asset that the Honduran American Chamber of Commerce is know for; we have great partners within the government and the business owners.
    Entrepeneurial Tourism refers to the capability of having our incoming trade mission executives, be able to have on-site and hands-on training in the well known corporations within the State of Florida. A great asset to make business ventures! We are the key to your business development ideas in the State of Florida.
  4. Notary Services
    Documents need to be notarized from time to time.
    The Honduran American Chamber of Commerce, and all of it's dba's since 2009 are capable of taking care of your notary needs. Just email us at: info@honduranchamber.org , or contact us at: 786 601 7301 We will more than gladly help you with this type of service.
Since 2009 we are connecting the United States of America, Honduras and the World Together