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Better Business Growth through Networking and Trade Missions (C) 
​Established in 2009 - we are also recognized and known as:
Board of Directors
2017 - 2019
Honduran American Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

President, CEO
Arturo E. Enamorado-Caraccioli

Vice President
Celina Enamorado-Cerrato

Second VicePresident
Ruben Alvarez 

Ricardo Kattan

Vanessa Piedrahita

Chairman, Director, International Finance
Luis Castillo

Chairman, Director, International Honduras Liason
Raul A. Kafie

Chairman, Director, Membership & Corporate Alliances

Lylle M. Lopez

 Chairman, Director, Honduran Legal Council in Honduras

Fernando Godoy

Allied Organization
Inter-American Chamber of Commerce

  1. Governor Rick Scott & First Lady Ann Scott
    Governor of the State of Florida Rick Scott & First Lady Ann Scott with President Arturo E. Enamorado at the Governor's Mansion
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  3. Congressional Recognition on Behalf of Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lethinen
    Congressional Recognition to President Arturo E. Enamorado for Hispanic Business Leadership in South Florida
"Since 2009 - the Honduran American Chamber of Commerce d/b/a Honduran Chamber of Commerce is: A great Chamber of Commerce in South Florida"
Raul Lopez-Perez - Board Director and Vice Chair of the  Hemispheric Congress - CAMACOL